Deviation of slit-height/detector-width smeared SAS-curves

Select the Porod exponent (n, integer number), and the (x-)range of the ratio qz/qy, where qy is the full length/width of the rectangular-shaped beam height or detector width (2*qy, symmetrically from -qy to +qy), and the qz-value is the respective q-value of the SAS-curve. Note, the direction of qy is perpendicular to qz and that qy as well as qz must have the same units in either real or reciprocal space, respectively. The SAS-intensity of a curve, following Porod's law (I(qz) ~ 1/qz**n) with the given Porod's exponent and convoluted with a slit-length or detector width will be calculated (green) and compared with the theoretical, unaffected curve (blue).

Porod exponent: x range: from to

Author: M.Kriechbaum, TU-Graz (2012), e-mail: