Cone-spiked sphere ressembling a simplified Coronavirus shape

Select with the sliders in the upper left corner the radius of the cones (rc) and their length (rl) and the radius of the center sphere (rr), the speed of 3D-rotation of the model (speed) and the greyscale of the background (back). The apexes of the cones (12 cones distributed symmetrically in an octahedral symmetry) are touching the surface of the central sphere and pointing to the center of the sphere, which is also the center of gravity of the entire model. The distance from the center of gravity of the entire model to the center of gravity of the surrounding cones is equal to rr + 3/4*rl. The resulting volume (V) and the Radius of Gyration (RG) for the model are displayed (assuming constant electron density).

Author: M.Kriechbaum, TU-Graz (2021), e-mail: